Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wishing Star

Everybody wants’ to be famous, right? Well that’s what Anna thought went she wished upon a star.
“I wish I was the only famous person in the world and, and, and everyone would adore me! Please, please, please!” sitting right on the edge of her bed, little Anna gazes up at the stars and tries to find the brightest one. Suddenly her search is disturbed by a knock on the door.
A sweet, humming voice came from behind the door. “Anna, darling, come and eat your dinner.”
“I’m coming sis.” Anna jumped off of her bed and walked towards her door. A few steps away from the door, she helled still and turned around. Taking a last glimpse at the star, she then turns around and walks out the door. She slowly drags her feet down the long staircase.
Impatiently her sister shouts at her “Come on we don’t have all night!” Anna gives a cold and angry look then walks even slower to the dining table. “You know, Anna, you are a real brat!” her sister says in an angry voice. All of a sudden, they start calling each other names. “You two stop your fighting now! Anna, come sit here. Isabella please be more patient with your sister next time!” the person with the most control in the house, silences them, Mom.
Isabella takes out her iPod and puts the earphones in her ear. Not able to hear a single word, she dishes up for her. Dad looks at her and then looks at Mom. Mom shakes her head and then puts the spoon back into the bowl with an attitude. Anna looks down and then starts to eat. Nobody speaks a word, and all they can hear is Isabella’s music. After Dad swallowed his bite of chicken, he looks at Anna and says “So what did you learn at school today?” Anna looks very excited to tell them all about her great day.
“Well, if you want to hear. The teacher red us a story, it was called “wishing” and it was about a girl that wished on a star. And guess what it came true! Then we had a nap time. Ally and I played outside with a group of other kids. We made up a few games. It was kind of fun. The most fun was “arts & crafts”. We made noodle art and I made Mommy a noodle arm bracelet” Dad looked very impressed. Anna took a deep breath and wanted to go on. Then Isabella stood up and said she is not washing anything.
Mom looked at het threw pierced eyes and then stood up and walked into the kitchen. “Sorry pumpkin, maybe next time you can tell me all about it ok?” Anna looked very disappointed. She stood up, took her board to her mother and offered to help. Her mother gave a small smile and then shook her head while drying one plate. Anna thanked her mother for the food and then ran up to her room. She opened the door and ran straight to the cupboard and grabbed out her pyjamas. She then ran out of her room and headed for the bathroom. When she turned into the bathroom, she accidently bumped into her sister.
“Watch where you’re going! You are such a pain!” She started shouting at her. Little Anna was not afraid to stand up to her sister so she shouted back. “I am a pain? Well then you are more than a pain! You know what, I wish u where never born!” Anna then turned into the bathroom and slammed the door in her sister’s face. Isabella gave a gasp and walked with an attitude into her room and slammed the door. She put her music on loud and fell on her bed.
Anna felt really bad about what she said. She brushed her teeth and then put on her pink and yellow pyjamas. She walked out of the bathroom while looking down. Walking towards her sister’s room, she starts walking slower. A few steps from her sister’s room, she stops and looks at the door. “Why should I apologise? I did nothing wrong. She started it! She is the one who should be sorry!” she thought. She then turned around with anger and stormed into her room and slammed the door behind her. Anna went and sat on her bed and watched the door.
After a while, she turned around and looked out her window at the bright star. Dark clouds started blocking her view and all of a sudden it started to rain. Thunder and lightning hitting on all sides of the house! She jumped under her bed and held her teddy as tight as she could. She was close to tears but tried to be brave. Soon she noticed that it is only a sound that comes when it rains. She slowly climbed out from under her bed.
She held on tightly to her teddy and watched from left to right walking towards a purple cupboard. Inside was a little, pink TV. When she wanted to switch on the TV, it didn’t work. She went to the plug in the wall, and switched it on. Anna didn’t know that the sealing was leaking onto the plug. She thought there was something wrong with it and wanted to pull it out. The moment she grabbed it, the electricity shocked her and threw her on the floor. She was unconscious.
Anna woke up staring at the sealing. It was just a few minutes past midnight. “This must be like one of those stories where I wake up and my wish came true! Oh thank you star! Thank you!” Anna stood up and ran towards her door. She wanted to go and tell her Mom and Dad. As fast as she could, she ran downstairs to her Mother’s room. She wanted to demand them all to do things she wanted. “Dad wake up! I want a cup of hot chocolate now.” Dad stood up and walked to Anna. He picked her up and said “Ok sweetie. Do you want marshmallows with that?” “Oh yes please Daddy!” Dad walked downstairs with Anna in his arms.
In the kitchen, he takes the hot chocolate powder out of the cupboard and then puts Anna on the table. He makes two cups of steaming hot chocolate. One for him and one with marshmallows on top for Anna. Dad came and sat down next to her on a chair. “So, why are you up so late?” Anna looked at her dad and told him that she is the only famous person in the world. Then he smiled and looked at her. “Well famous people also have to sleep so after this cup of hot chocolate, you are straight off to bed.” Anna smiled and nodded. She quickly slurped up the last few sips of her hot chocolate and ran off to her room. Halfway up the staircase, she turned around and looked at her Dad. “Thank you Daddy. You’re the best!” she then turned around and ran further.
When she came in her room, she felt so excited that she couldn’t sleep. Next to her bed, was a little drawer. She pulled it open and inside was her favourite little dolls. She could occupy herself for hours playing the day away. After a while, her Dad came in and told her to go to sleep. “Rock stars don’t have to sleep!” she said in a deep voice. Her Dad smiled and said “If rock stars don’t sleep, they can’t perform an act because they’re too tired. So you better get enough rest to go on stage tomorrow.”
When Anna’s Dad walked out of the room, he looked very tired. He walked to his room, and Anna knew he was going to talk to Mom and she also wanted to hear. She followed him and when he closed the door, she sat with ears pierced behind them. When she heard what they where talking about, she was nearly in tears! She ran back to her room and fell on her bed busy crying.
“How could my dream not come true? It happens in all of the stories.” Anna wiped off the tears on her face. ‘Well if the y say they’re going to play along with it then why can’t I?” Her dream didn’t come true and her parents knew she was going to be disappointed.
The next morning at breakfast, she demanded pancakes. She was acting like royalty. Her father bought her a guitar and microphone. She practiced day and night to play the instrument but did not make progress. Her Dad took her for lessons and all her hard work paid off. After a while her sister got jealous and also wanted an instrument and lessons for it. Anna’s poor father didn’t have money for both of them but wanted to give his daughters nothing but the best. He went to the bank and loaned money from them.
A month came and went and Isabella didn’t learn a thing. She kept on skipping her piano classes and didn’t pay attention in the ones she had. The family was broke, but he didn’t want to tell the kids and upset them. Without him knowing, Anna made arrangement for her to perform in a show at the restaurant. The next morning she asked her Dad to drop her off at the library because she had a project for school. When he left, she quickly ran across the street to go perform there.
When she saw the owner, she asked him how much she will make an hour. He turned to her and smiled. “You will be making almost one hundred dollars per show!” Anna’s eyes started to brighten up. She was aiming for twenty dollars per hour. This was unbelievable to her. She ran on the stage and started to play and sing with all her heart! Almost three hours went by and after that she was tired and not in the mood to play another song. She went off of the stage and walked directly to the manager’s office.
With glowing eyes she looked at him and asked her for her money. He turned around and looked at her. “Did I say you can stop playing?” her smile turned into a frown. “Well, no sir, but I got tired and thought it was enough playing for today. I promise I will come back tomorrow.”
He suddenly got an evil smile on his face. “Oh, I know you will be back, because you’re not going home!” he gave an evil laugh and then a whistle followed. A man in a black suit came in at the door with a cage. He threw the cage over Anna and locked it. She shouted and banged on the cage. Nobody came to help. ‘Now you will perform every night!” he gave another evil laugh and spinned around in his chair. She was close to tears, but tried to look brave.
He snapped his fingers and the man in the black suit picked up the cage. Anna didn’t know where they were going but she was very scared. He took her into a beautiful pink room with frilly sheets and curtains. The windows had bars on them so she couldn’t get out. There was a pink drawer with dolls and another with clothes. The most beautiful and stylish clothes she had ever seen. For a moment it felt like a piece of heaven in a jail. She looked at the man with a very surprised face. She was too scared to ask him anything but had so many questions.
The man opened the cage and Anna cam leaping out. She held on to the pole with all her might. The man bowed and asked if she needs anything. She shouted at him and threw him with a pillow. He turned around and closed the door behind him. She sat up straight and looked around her. The room was filled with teddies and pink frilly stuff. It was as if they knew she was coming. Then a thought crossed her mind. “I wonder if my Mom and Dad are looking for me. Isabella is probably happy that I’m gone!” Anna started looking for a way to get out. The windows couldn’t open. The door was locked and there was only a little mail slot at the bottom of the door. The mail slot was big enough for them to give her food for her. For the first day it was kind of fun. She got three meals a day and a box of cookies to eat. Whatever she asked for, she got. Toys, sweets, clothes, sheets, anything at all. This was the live she deserved. After a week she got a little worried about her parents. She was then reminded by the manager that she doesn’t need them. She was convinced that she doesn’t need them in her live.
About two months have gone by and Anna was just getting used to it all. One day the man in a black suit came back and told her she was going on a world tour. She was very happy but was also scared. The days got longer and more boring every day. She was living the life of a rock star now. Anna started to miss her family.
Her tour was going to be almost three years. That was too long for Anna. Every night she wished on the star to go back home. She even tried different stars, but nothing worked. She was getting tired of living in hotels. When they came in a small land just a few kilometres away from her home, she decided to make a plan to get away. While she was performing, the manager would sit and count his money. She knew he would be busy after an hour. That is when she did it. . .
To Be Continued

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My new blog for teens......

I made a new blog for all the teenz to go on and read about stuff that they are interrested in!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

P.S as daar enige foute is laat my net weet deur 'n comment te los asb. Dankie

My storie!!!!!!

Hier is my hele storie. Dit is sevemtien bladsye lank. Dit moes agtien wees met die prente, maar ek kon hulle nie op kry nie. Ek hoop jy vertel vir almal wat jy ken van my storie en my blog want my afr juf het gese sy gaan die storie ingee (Ek dink nie sy sal dit doen nie, maar ons kan sien wat gebeur.)So lees die storie en gaan op 'n avontuur. Die' storie is die rede hoekom ek nie op my blog was vir twee maande nie!!

Part seventien

lank in die donker gesit en staar na die sterre wat blinkend geskyn het. Sy het met die vuurvliegie gesels en al die sterre vir hom gewys. Hy het altyd gedink hy was een van die sterre wat geval het, maar nou dat Gerda vir hom alles vertel van die groot sterre voel hy maar baie klein. Gerda verduidelik aan hom al is sy liggie klein kan hy nog vir iemand skyn. Later stap hulle terug huis toe en toe Gerda haar kamer lig af skakel sien sy ‘n klein liggie by haar venster. Die vuurvliegie het op die vensterbank gaan le ̂ en sy liggie geskyn vir Gerda. Die dag voor Gerda huis toe gaan , kom ‘n voeltjie met ‘n briefie by die plaas huis aan. Hy gaan sit in ‘n boom en wag tot Gerda uit die huis kom. Toe sy uitkom vlieg hy na haar toe en laat val die briefie voor haar voete neer. In die briefie is daar ‘n uitnodiging na ‘n middernagtelike partytjie en Gerda is eregas. Al die diere wil afskeid neem en die fee verhaal karakters gaan die partytjie hou. Gerda huppel van blydskap en is so opgewonde. “ Ja, ja natuurlik sal ek kom want ek wil nie huis toe gaan as ek nie vir almal gegroet het nie. Ek sal ook my mooi rokkie aantrek wat my ma vir my gekoop het op die dorp.” skree Gerda agter die voeltjie aan. Vroeg die aand gaan Gerda bad en sy wil nie juis eet nie, want sy weet sy gaan na ‘n partytjie toe. Haar ouers wil nog sit en gesels maar Gerda se ̂ sy is moeg en wil graag gaan slaap. By die venster roep sy vir die vuurvliegie en vra hom om haar liggie te wees by die partytjie. Hy besluit om al sy vriende te nooi en ook sy familie. Toe Gerda 12 uur uit die huis sluip is daar duisende vuurvliegies om haar die pad te wys. Met Ewert in haar arms stap sy stadig af na die kraal , waar die karakters woon in feetjieland. Toe sy naby kom hoor sy stemme en musiek. Haastig loop sy na die ingang en trek die tou. Die muur gaan oop en sy stap in. Daar is die mooiste blomme en die tafels is pragtig gedek. Feetjies vlieg orals rond en al die karakters van fee verhale is daar bymekaar. Ewe skielik staan Enrico die wolf voor haar en neem haar hand. Hy lei haar na ‘n tafel wat bedek is met blomme. Ewert begin sommer dadelik te eet aan die leker kos Elke een kry ‘n beurt om vir Gerda te bedank vir haar hulp. Nadia die Kat en haar man Kerneels wys vir Gerda hulle katjies. Hulle gee vir haar ‘n soen op die wang en sing vir haar. Gerda geniet dit terdee. Die volgende is die fee karakters wat haar bedank vir die wyse waarop sy vir hulle gewys het dat daar ook goeie wolwe is. Hulle is ook bly dat Gerda graag fee verhale lees en ook vir ander kinders leer om dit te lees. Selfs die Jakkies is daar om haar te groet. Enrico die wolf is laaste en hy bedank haar vir haar liefde vir mens en dier. Deur haar het hy weer begin lewe. Die partytjie was so lekker en almal het saam gedans en gesing tot in die vroee oggend. Gerda het moeg huis toe gegaan , maar sy was so tevrede en gelukkig. Daardie laaste aand het sy vas geslaap en niks gedroom nie. Vroeg die volgende oggend het hulle in die motor geklim om huis toe te ry. Gerda het op die voorste stoep gestaan en uitgekyk oor die werf. Was alles ‘n droom, verbeelding of ‘n hunkering na fantasie. Sy weet self nie. Wat sy wel weet is dat dit die grootste avontuur van haar lewe was, al was dit net ‘n droom. By die eerste hek hardloop sy en maak dit oop. Die laaste hek sluit sy vir die vee en net toe sy wil in die motor klim kyk sy na die heuwel. Verbeel sy haar of staan daar ‘n wolf met ‘n eend op sy rug. By sy voete sit twee katte en klein katjies hardloop rond en om hom vlieg duisende vuurvliegies. Sy kan haar oe ̈ nie glo nie. Hierdie beeld sal sy saam met haar neem as sy twyfel aan haar week op die plaas.

Part sestien

Die volgende oggend vroeg gaan die twee mans dorp toe. Hulle wil uitvind of daar na ‘n kind gesoek word. Niemand kan hulle help nie, en hulle keer terug sonder antwoorde. Sipwe speel alte lekker met Gerda en haar boetie en die volk op die plaas. Hy lyk so gelukkig, maar in die aand raak hy hartseer en huil bitterlik. Gerda wil weet wat is fout en hy verduidelik dat hy na sy sussie verlang en bang is sy kry seer. As hy maar net kan uitvind waar sy ma werk en sy sal dadlik terug kom om hom te kom haal. Die Sondag by die kerk praat die boere oor ‘n seun wat deur ‘n leeu opgevreet is. Sy oom vertel vir almal wat wil luister hoe sy sister se kind weggedwaal het, en is deur ‘n leeu opgevreet. Oom Koos staan nader en vra hoe oud die kind was en die boere antwoord so 8 of 9 jaar. Nou weet hy dat hulle praat van Sipwe. Hy vra weer of die ma van haar kind se dood weet en hulle se ja , sy sal die volgende dag terug kom van die dorp waar sy werk vir die begrafnis. Oom Koos verskoon hom van die geselskap en haas hom na die bakkie. By die plaas bespreek hulle die saak en besluit om te wag tot die moeder die volgende dag kom. Sipwe weet van niks en hy geniet Gerda en haar Boetie se spelery op die plaas, Gerda lees in die aand vir altwee van die fee verhale en al die goeie en slegte karakters. Al verstaan Sipwe nie juis iets nie weet hy dat Gerda hom insluit by haar stories. Die volgende dag gaan Oom Koos weer dorp toe en wag in sy bakkie by die aflaai plek van die treine. Hy hoop om Sipwe se ma te sien en haar te vertel dat haar seun by hom op die plaas is. Net na 10 uur die oggend kom daar ‘n trein aan van Johannesburg. Dadelik erken hy Sipwe se ma, want sy klim huilend en droewig uit die trein. Haar familie groet haar en Oom Koos hoor dat hulle vir haar se ̂ dat Sipwe se liggaam kan nie gevind word nie. Die leeus het hom so verskeur en weggedra. Nou is sy nog meer hartseer en huil hardop. Haar kind was so jonk en hy was nog slim ook. Sy het hard gewerk op die dorp en gereeld geld gestuur om hom op die skool te hou. Sipwe se oom kyk net anderkant toe en hy se ̂ nie veel nie. Oom Koos vind uit waar die plaas is en hy ken die boere daar. Laat middag ry hy en Gerda se pa na die plaas toe om te gaan kuier. Die boer is so ontsteld en vertel hulle dat een van sy werkers se kinder ook opgevreet is deur ‘n leeu en hy was nog so jonk. Die boer het nie eers geweet daar is mensvretende leeus op sy plaas nie en hy gaan die volgende dag met sy seuns die leeu soek. Oom Koos vertel hom die waarheid en hy is so bly. Hulle roep vir Siena, Sipwe se ma en vat haar saam na oom Koos se plaas. Toe sy haar seun sien was sy so verheug en het hom styf vas gedruk. Sipwe het haar alles vertel hoe sy oom hom slaan en wil verkoop. Die boer het besluit om die oom weg te jaag en hy het Sipwe en sy ma op die plaas gehou. Gerda was so bly want ‘n leeu sou boet met sy lewe omdat ‘n mens te gulsig was. Ook het Gerda deur haar verhouding met haar boetie Sipwe se lewe gered. Gerda het nog net 2 dae oor op die plaas en sy wil nog so baie doen. Daardie aand gaan Gerda uit op die werf en soek vuurvliegies, want sy wou nie eet nie. Haar oom het geslag en Gerda kan nie die vleis eet nie. Stadig loop sy na die blaar waar ‘n vuurvliegies sit. Sy vang die vuurvliegie en sit hom in ‘n bottel. Hy is so kwaad en spring op en af en elke keer skyn sy lig al helder. Gerda begin met hom praat en vra wat sy naam is. “My naam is klokkie en ek is nou baie kwaad. Haal my dadelik uit die bottel uit en laat my weg vlieg” antwoord hy kwaad. Gerda lag te lekker want elke keer as hy kwaad word flikker sy liggie. Nou terg Gerda hom juis en hy word al kwater. Hy is so klein maar sy liggie skyn helder soos ‘n lantern. “Kan ons nie maats wees en met mekaar speel nie?” vra Gerda. “Ja as ek los gelaat word om in die natuur te skyn sal ek jou vriend wees” Se ̂ die vuurvliegie. Gerda maak die bottel oop en hy vlieg uit. Hy wil eers vererg weg vlieg , maar hy onthou toe sy belofte aan haar. Klokkie kom terug en gaan sit op haar skoot. Hy vra haar of sy ‘n liggie nodig het om in die donker te loop. Gerda het ‘n spesiale plek waar sy graag sit, maar nou is dit te donker. Sy vra of Klokkie saam met haar sal loop na die krans waar sy altyd sit en kyk na die sterre. Klokkie stem in en hulle loop na die krans met hom voor wat die pad aandui. Gerda het

Part vyftien

sy taal dat hy is besig om te vlug. Sy ma is op ‘n dorp ver van die plaas, want sy werk daar om geld te stuur elke maand vir hom en sy sussie. Hy en sy sussie het by sy ouma gewoon, maar sy ouma is nou dood. Sy oom het sy ma belowe hulle kan daar bly en hy sal na hulle kyk. Gisteraand het daar baie mense om die vuur gesit en gesels. Hy en sy sussie het skoon gemaak en was net van plan om te gaan slaap, toe hy hoor dat sy oom vir hom gaan verkoop as ‘n slaaf om te werk op ‘n wildsplaas. Hy het bang geword en geweet dat hy nie weer sy sussie en sy ma sal sien nie. Vroegdag het hy wegeloop en dorp toe gegaan. As hy maar net met sy ma kan praat en haar vertel wat sy oom wil doen. Op die dorp het hy gesien hoe Gerda haar boetie optel en dra en hy het geweet as hy kan saam ry sal Gerda hom help. Oom Koos vra hom sy naam en hy antwoord dapper “Sipwe en dit beteken vegter” Oom Koos vra Gerda om vir hom iets te gee om te eet en te drink. Hy is so honger dat hy al die toebroodjies vinnig opeet en ook die koffie weg slurp. Nou sit hy rustig in die koelte en wag om te sien wat gaan gebeur. Binne in die huis verduidelik oom Koos dat daar die afgelope tyd baie kinders verkoop word en dan sien hulle nie weer hulle familie nie. Sipwe gaan seker nie na ‘n ander plaas toe nie, maar word oor die grens geneem na ‘n ander land om daar te werk. Hy weet ook dat Sipwe natuurlik bekommerd is oor sy sussie wat agter gelaat is en hy voel dit is sy verantwoordelikheid om na haar om te sien terwyl hulle ma weg is. Hy is self nog ‘n kind en skaars 9 jaar oud. Daar is mense wat hom sal uitbuit en gebruik vir harde arbeid. Vir eers besluit die groot mense om stil te bly en hom daar te hou. Die volgende dag sal hulle verdere ondersoek doen en vasstel waar die plaas is. Oom Koos se ̂ Gerda moet hom water gee om te was ,asook na die kraal neem om daar te slaap. By die kraal sal hy tuis voel, want hulle kan met hom praat. Gerda neem hom kraal toe en hy voel so veilig by haar dat hy haar hand vat en saam stap.